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Chakra Training Manual

A Guide to Chakras is a full training course on chakra energy, alignment and health. It includes details of alternative and extended chakra systems. The training course comes with full Master Resell Rights
Chapter 1: Introduction to the Chakras: Understanding the Energy Centers Within
Chapter 2: The Root Chakra: Cultivating Stability and Grounding
Chapter 3: The Sacral Chakra: Unleashing Creativity and Embracing Emotional Wellness
Chapter 4: The Solar Plexus Chakra: Cultivating Personal Power and Self-Confidence
Chapter 5: The Heart Chakra:
Chapter 6: The Throat Chakra:
Chapter 7: The Third Eye Chakra:
Chapter 8: The Crown Chakra:
Chapter 9: Alternative Chakra Systems - Tibetan, Chinese, Egyptian, Andean, African, Extended

How To Find More Happiness And Feel More Joy!

If you have been finding it TOUGH to feel
as though things are shaping up for the

If the cloud has begun to obscure the silver
lining, and frankly you just cannot remember
the last time you felt truly GREAT about Life...

There IS something you can do to restore
your contentment before you reach the point
where you:

* Become prone to wild, even dangerous
strategies to resurrect your happiness

* Lose faith in your purpose and worth,
which only leads to even greater unhappiness

* End up blaming others (unjustly), even
those you love, for your sense of bitterness

When you download your copy of "How To Feel
Fabulous" you'll be able to make use of a
method for restoring JOY now proven to be
more effective than any medicine.

Grounding Harmony

Contributed By: Elizabeth Celestial Smith

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Anchor your tranquility and dissolve worries with earth's nurturing energy, embracing serene strength.

You Can Grab A Free Spiritual Manifestation Audio Here

Contributed By: LLH Media

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There are many ways to develop spiritually, but one of the most powerful is through the use of harmonic patterns. Harmonic patterns are created when the frequencies of two or more waves interact with each other. These patterns can be found in all facets of nature, from the orbital patterns of the planets to the structure of DNA.

When we are attuned to these patterns, we can begin to experience a deeper connection to the universe. We can also start to see the interconnectedness of all things. The free spiritual manifestation guide will help you to attune yourself to these patterns and begin your journey of spiritual development.

You Can Grab A Free Spiritual Manifestation Audio Here

Wealth Resonance

Contributed By: LLH Media

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Rewire your brain to unlock your limitless wealth potential, enhance your focus, and skyrocket your unparalleled self-confidence

Free Tarot Training Course

Contributed By: LLH Media

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This 177-page ebook works its way through the history of tarot cards, the right way to choose a deck, how to handle and treat the cards before and during readings, how to use your intuitive powers to become one with the deck and a variety of other essential topics. We all have a certain degree of what is called intuition. This may or may not include being psychic as well. Intuition is our innate abilities to sense things in the world around us. After reading this 177-page ebook, you will have enough information that you can start to use your tarot deck and have your first reading. I hope this ebook inspires you to go on to become an adept tarot reader.

Understand Your Soul's Journey

Contributed By: PMF Team

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Through an understanding of this special system of healing AND the STT session, get ready to activate your access to your soul energy, your divine spark... You will create clearer access to your divine intelligence, allowing better decision-making, true clarity of purpose, and clear knowing of your next steps. This is your intuition activator.

777 Hz Infinite Blessing MP3

Contributed By: PMF Team

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With the advent of a new sound technology, this 777 Hz audio track has been created purely to bring you blessings.

Combined with the number 777, it’s time for you to get rewards for your efforts and you’re about to embark on the next step of your spiritual growth.

This audio will give you the Divine Guidance you need for the next few months.

Download “777 Hz Infinite Blessing” Now!

Free Self Hypnosis Downloads

Contributed By: PMF Team

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Choose From:

Weight Loss Booster
Wealth Booster
Brain Power Booster
Confidence Booster
Law of Attraction Booster

Unlock Your Wealth Code: 10-Min Audio Reprogramming Your Mind for Money

Contributed By: Jonathan Soh

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Alright, lean in and listen up. I've got this game-changing freebie, the "10 Minute Subliminal Audio That Activates Your Abundance Magnetism." It ain't your regular audio file - this one's an upgrade to your mind's software, specifically fine-tuning your thoughts towards the big bucks. It's like having a backstage pass to the world of wealth.

It slides these clever messages into your subconscious, kickstarting your dormant 'Abundance Magnet.' Just like that, your brain's singing a whole new tune about money and success. It's like an invisible butler, making sure you're not missing those dollar-dripping opportunities anymore.

It's your golden ticket to the rollercoaster ride of financial abundance.

Deep Beneath the Dreaming

Contributed By: Divine Gifts 

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Do you have fantasies you dare not realize in waking life?

Lucid dreaming may be the solution.

You can taste fire, fly to the moon or date your favorite celebrities ...

This is proven to help Stimulate Lucid Dreaming and Enhance Physical Awareness

Start listening to it and you will be able to enjoy its many benefits like...
- Providing a sense of sanctuary or retreat.
- Accompaniment to natural healing and energy work.
- Providing deep rest and restoration to those suffering from burnout or an overwhelmed nervous system.
- Helping with the release of sadness and other pent up emotions.
- Providing natural pain relief.

Powerful Detoxification

Contributed By: Divine Gifts 

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Do you detox your body?

Now, if you haven't considered it yet...

I'm here to show you how you'll feel a lot better when you're detoxing to flush all the unwanted stuff from your system.

The benefits of detoxing are manifold.

Better health, more energy, and increased happiness are all the outcomes!

You'll experience:

Higher mental clarity...

Weight loss...

Improved complexion and eyesight...

And many more!

Cash Cosmos

Contributed By: Divine Gifts 

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Enjoy the acoustic manifesting journey while navigating the surrounding cosmic energy and re-designing your subconscious into wealth & abundance magnet!

Be empowered to become an energetic match for your soul desires through alignment of mindset, actions & vibration with your desires & vision.

Your subconscious will create new neurological patterns in your brain and heart, and supercharge your cosmos manifestation energy.

Now, get ready to enter the windfall phenomena to attract constant state of abundance, wealth & CASH!

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Turn Back The Clock 10 Years

Body Reset - How to become healthier, younger, fitter, happier, richer, calmer!

I Can Therefore I Will

Master Your Mind Bundle to become the powerful and successful person you want to be

Fix Your Hormones

Your hormones may be out of whack dragging you down and hijacking your health and happiness